Monday, January 11, 2010

New Excerpt from Syckosis

All right, here it is: the next excerpt from Syckosis!

“Yea, you can connect me to Agent Menov,” Randolph responds after a few moments of silence.
“It would be my pleasure to connect you, please hold,” Rocky responds, and the musak begins again, this time playing a synth rock pop ballad that somehow had gained popularity earlier in the year among the tween and teen crowd. Finally, a man answers the phone.
“Agent Douglas Menov, how can I help you?”
“Doug, Rand Prescott, out of the Bethesda office. I am in Fresno right now, and need to know where the closest field office would be to my location.”
“Rand, I thought you were on vacation with Morgan? What are you doing asking for a field office location?”
“Doug, I don’t have time to go into it right now. Suffice it to say, we are down one agent due to someone that has access to our tracking technology taking advantage of what they could access. Now, can you get me the location or do I need to speak to someone else?”
Doug is silent for a few moments, as he clicks at some keys on his holoterminal. Finally, he speaks. “Well, Rand, if you would have asked me an hour ago, I would have told you Los Angeles, but given what has happened, you got two choices: Sacramento or San Fran. They are both about the same distance and time. You need me to send someone to pick you up?”
Rand replies quickly to that question. “No, but I will need a noteholo and an untraceable cell phone waiting for me when I get to Sacramento. And I also need someone to keep an eye on my locater because I have a feeling that there may be someone trailing me using my locater.”
Doug is silent for a few more moments at the announcement that someone could be trailing one of his co-workers. “All right, Rand, any thing else you need.”
“Actually, yes. Can you have the same person who is watching my locater also watch for Morgan’s? The people that took her appear to have the technology to deactivate her chip.”
“You got it, man. Be careful.”
“I don’t know any other way to be.”

More to come as it comes to me.

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