Thursday, December 1, 2011

Welcome to the End. . .

OF THE YEAR!!! (What? did you honestly think I meant the end of this blog? my life? the world as we know it. . . [AND I FEEL FINE!!!]) {Apologies to REM and DCTalk fans who are now be-bopping along humming the melody to the song, and because they can't remember the words. I know I can't, so it usually ends up coming out like "duh duh duh, duh, duh duh, Guerillas in Afghan a duh, duh duh duh duh duh duh Communist duh."}

No, Happy December 1st, all my lovely readers. And what that means is another NaNoWriMo has come and gone, and I have another book to edit. This time it's a Western, a tale of love and murder, of shoot outs and hang outs, a tale that the whole family can sit down and enjoy without worrying about having to close it when you come to an objectionable part.

Yes, after my last post (3 weeks ago, I KNOW, I'm sorry, see last post here in case you did not get a chance to read it) I managed to write almost the entire 50k in 20 days, instead of the normal 30 that everyone else seems to take. My word count as of yesterday morning was 50017, a measly 17 past the "required" goal. So, 5 years doing NaNo, 5 times hitting 50k minimum. I know there will need to be a revision before it is good enough for an agent to look at. Heck, it needs an ending because there are several ropes that I had been hanging on to until the end to tie up, one being the final showdown between the good guy and the bad guy (or is it the good guy and the good guy, I don't know right now, everything is convoluted right now and needs to be made as clear as Mississippi mud after a flood comes washing thru.)

So, now that I am in December, life settles back to normal, so to speak. I have Christmas shopping to do this month, as well as possibly a tree to put up (not sure about that one right now, need to discuss with the wifey). Plus, no doubt other things will pop up, but I am ready for them.

I will try to get a post up at least once a week thru the end of the year, including my 3rd annual New Year's Resolution blog, and my year in review.

Until we meet again, remember, two wrongs don't make a right, but three rights make a left.

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