Friday, March 7, 2014

Moonlight Review

Moonlight is the second story by Ann Hunter, and is prequel of sorts to her first book The Subtle Beauty. I was asked to read an advance release copy of the book and do the review for the book, and after reading the book, I could honestly say, I would have read the book anyway.
Moonlight is the story of Aowyn and her six brothers, as they grow up in the Summer Isle. Aowyn is the red-headed princess and love of her mother Sulwyn’s heart. As the book opens, Sulwyn is struck with an illness and dies, leaving her father Aodhagain alone --- at least for a while. The queen’s handmaid, Ciatillait, swoops in and puts a spell over him, so all he sees is her and that is all he cares for. Caitillait is so obsessed with the kingdom that she drives the sons out of the castle with magic - - - magic that turns them into swans.
Aowyn cannot stand to see this happen to her brothers and goes to make a pact with the person who gave Caitillait her power, and this man – Silas Mortas – advises that he will return the brothers to their human form, after a thousand moons. All she has to do is tell no one of what has happened between them.
In the meantime, war breaks out between the Twelve Kingdoms and the Summer Isle and Xander and his brother are sent to fight at the front for their king, Rab Blacksteed. Xander spots Aowyn after an unfortunate event with two of the swan/brothers, and the result is love at first sight.
As the war rages on, Aowyn convinces Xander that they have a common enemy, Caitallait, who is now in charge of the kingdom, after wedding Aodhagain and causing him to have an illness. Together, they rid the kingdom of Caitillait, and Xander professes his love for Aowyn. When she does not return his love, he leaves and heads back to the Twelve Kingdoms to marry his brother’s fiancĂ©, after the custom when your brother dies.
Aowyn goes after Xander, finding that he is her true love, and the book ends with a twist that you would not expect (I don’t want to give it away).
This, like The Subtle Beauty, is a short read, but well worth the investment, as it will teach your children about love, determination, and sacrifice. It is a great book to read to your children as they are going to sleep, as it has everything that a fairy tale should have: love, fighting, magic, and a happy ending.
You can find Ann Hunter’s books on Amazon here. It heartily deserves the five star rating that I have given it, and it will make its way into my children’s bedtime stories when they are old enough to appreciate good reading.
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