Thursday, August 26, 2010

Writer's Block

Being a struggling writer is tough. Having to find time to juggle everything in life (family, work, church, extracurriculars, and writing), and invariably, it's the writing that finds itself pushed way back into a corner and a pile of dirty clothes thrown on top of it just so I don't see it and feel guilty.
Lately, however, I have found myself staring at the computer screen, trying to come up with the next sentence that will ultimately get my protagonist to the end and catch the "bad guy". Yes, I may have backed him into a corner this time, but in past times, that has never been a problem for me to work around. In times before, I have just lost my desire to write, and I have walked away from the page, for months at a time. Now, I have the desire, but the words just won't come to me.
This is where I am turning to you. I have NEVER asked for outside assistance, unless it was to edit or provide criticism, but I have been staring at this same passage all week and nothing is coming to me. I am asking for you, my readers, to give me some feedback on what the hero should do next. If I decide to use your idea, you WILL receive credit on the acknowledgement page when the book is published.

The passage is below:

Several minutes later, Randolph comes around and groggily opens his eyes and looks around at his surroundings. He tries to lift himself up from the ground, but finds to his surprise that his hands are ziptied to his feet in a rather uncomfortable position. He cranes his neck as far as he can to the left as he hears Deebler talking to someone, but unfortunately a pair of combat boots obstruct his view of the conversation. "Yes, sir, Mr. Thomas, we have detained Mr. Prescott and will be bringing him in for questioning in the next few minutes. Yes, sir, I understand. We are leaving now, sir." Deebler spins and faces the men, and speaks. "All right, men, orders just came down from the top. We are to load the prisoner up and take him back to the base." The men move in unison and five minutes later, all twenty men are loaded onto the chopper and it is cruising back to the Task Force headquarters setup twenty-five miles from where the smoldering remnants of San Fernando are standing.

Randolph's mind is racing the entire trip back to the base, trying to figure a way out of his current predicament.

No idea is too outlandish or crazy, as this is a futuristic thriller. I just need something to get my mind moving again and the plot back on track.

I thank you in advance for your help with this. Namaste.

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