Monday, December 28, 2009

Review of "Sherlock Holmes"

This past Saturday, I went to the movies with my wife to see one of the Holiday blockbusters, Sherlock Holmes. I went in not expecting much, after hearing several mediocre reviews from other reviewers. After sitting through about twenty minutes of commercials and trailers, the main attraction started, and almost immediately I was hit by an "action" sequence with a voice-over by Sherlock himself, Robert Downey, Jr. as he was describing the actions he was taking to incapacitate one of the bad guy's henchmen, with the moves being slowed down to show the impact on the other person. But, as soon as the henchmen was down, to my surprise, the whole scene played out again, this time in real time. This double the action for the same person played out three times in the movie, and that was one of the only real detractors that I could find.
The story itself was something that you would have expected from Sir Doyle himself, with a twist every time that you thought that you had the plot figured out, and also with foreshadowings of what will no doubt be a sequel given the ending of the movie.
The comedic back and forth between Downey and Law definitely had the crowd that I watched the movie with laughing, and there was only a couple of jokes that made me groan.
There was not any swearing that I heard during the entire film, which for Hollywood in general, and Guy Ritchie in particular, is almost unheard of. I am guessing the reason for the PG-13 rating was due to all the violence and the one "nudity" scene, with a double entendre by Holmes to a chambermaid about "the key to his freedom lying under the pillow" suggestively placed between his legs.
All in all, this is most definitely a movie that I would see again, and look forward to getting the DVD with the digital copy for my iPod.

Plot: 9.5/10
Humor: 9.1/10
Family Friendly Language: 10/10
"Family Friendly" Violence: 8.7/10
Nudity/Suggestive Situations: 9.7/10
Overall Movie Rating: 9.3/10

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