Friday, January 1, 2010


Have you ever had a nonsense word stuck in your head for hours? Early this morning, I had the title of this blog pop into my head and it would not leave. For some reason, I even started spelling it in my sleep. When I woke up an hour ago, I realized the meaning of the word: the title of my next novel I was to work on.
In the following minutes, I quickly powered up my laptop and typed out a portion of the prologue. I thought I would share what was written with you now.

"People were milling around the Farmers' Market on the corner of Fairfax and Third Street that sunny spring morning in downtown Los Angeles. The market itself was brimming with people, waiting on the market to actually open for the first time of the year, as the first fruits and vegetables from the area had just arrived earlier that morning on the farmers' trucks and were still being arranged to their liking.
"No one seemed to notice the nervous young man of African-American descent trying to pus his way through the crowd. He kept looking around, constantly checking over his shoulder, convinced that at any moment a Los Angeles bike cop would tap him on his shoulder and ask him his business there, and thus thwarting the master plan. The youth kept one hand on his backpack strap of the backpack that had been securely fastened to his back, until he reached his destination and removed the hand from his strap and reached into his pocket and pulled out a detonator."

More to come as it comes to me.

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Until we meet again, remember that two wrongs don't make a right, but three rights make a left.

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