Friday, June 28, 2013

Descent Into Temptation review

I have this friend (well, maybe not a friend, but someone that I know on both FaceBook and a weightloss website called MyFitnessPal) who wrote a book and was actually brave enough to publish it, which is more than I have done. I write books (I have 6 completed or mostly completed as of today, but have NOT been published or even looked at by an agent), and then they just sit on my computer waiting for the “right moment” to be rewritten. I just started the rewrite on my first book I ever completed, and it was finished eighteen years ago!!!

Regardless, this friend asked me if I had read her book, and it shocked me because I had no idea that she was a writer! I said no, but told her I would download it and read it. And so, my Descent into Temptation began.

Descent into Temptation was written by Rachel Doan Funk, and it is the story of one man’s ride from sanity to insanity and beyond all because of one woman. I can tell you that I don’t normally read this kind of book, but I could almost see the events playing out like a Lifetime movie. Come on, ladies, you know the one I’m talking about. The one that comes on at ten o’clock on a Thursday when there is nothing else on, and pretty soon you are sucked in, gripping your seat every time that you see the man, cringing about what he’s going to do.

The book starts out innocently enough, with a man staring out a window. He spots a woman just getting off the bus, and from that moment on, it seemed that woman was the only thing that filled his conscious.

Rachel does a great job of making the reader want to continue with reading. The man makes it is personal business to hunt down this woman, even having full scale hallucinations involving the woman. There is one part of the book where it seems as though he has forgotten all about the woman, but then when his co-worker comes in to cover some of his clients, to the man’s shock, the work that the man had been doing turns out to be pages are filled with obscene drawings and nothing of any work related matter. I think it is then that the man finally snaps (although I am sure that others would disagree), accusing his friend and co-worker of trying to blackmail him by placing the pages of filth in place of all the “work” he had done.

The story doesn’t stop there. Several days before he has been exposed as having a problem, he moves in next door to the woman, spending his waking moments fantasizing about the woman and what he is going to do with her. So, as anyone can figure out from the review thus far, you can see where the book ends up going, so I will not spoil the actual end of the book.

The book is a definite psychological thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat as you work your way thru it. There is some detailed sex and language in the book, but given what the man was thinking and going thru, it fit and did not seem to be thrown in just to shock or tantalize the reader.

I give this book my full recommendation and suggest that you pick it up. It is available on her Amazon page in both paperback and for the kindle so you have your choice of how to read it. Rachel has something with this book, and I would gladly read another book by her, and I suggest you read Descent into Temptation.

Overall rating: 4.25/ 5.00 stars.

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