Monday, June 3, 2013

Edenwitch books #1 and 2 reviewed

I was recently given the opportunity to read two books by Sam Hammack. To be honest, this was the first time that I had heard of Mr. Hammack, but was intrigued just by the name of his first book on Goodreads, The Witches of Jericho. So, I signed up to do the review on both books, and when they came up in my list, I dove in, excited and ready for what was in store.

The first of the Edenwitch series, The Witches of Jericho, centers around the story of a young witch named Sophia. Sophia is determined to find her mother, who has been coming to her in her dreams, or I should say one specific dream that ends with Sophia waking up gasping for breath. The search leads Sophia to the town of Jericho, where she and her mother, another witch, and father, a protector called a Guardian, spent Sophia’s early years, before almost all the witches were gathered up and killed, along with the Guardians.

Having heard the stories of the creatures that watched and preyed on witches, Sophia carefully makes her way back into the town and sets about trying to find her mother. Sophia ends up finding a fellow witch, almost by accident. Sophia cannot sleep one night and sees someone coming out of a deserted storefront, and ends up following that person back to the hotel that Sophia is staying in, and as a result, finds that it is the hotel desk clerk, who is sneaking around and trying to find all the old manuscripts of magic spells that were left in Jericho when the purge of witches took place.

Meanwhile, her father sets out on his own journey to make sure of his daughter’s safety as well as get answers about some things that were bothering him and ends up trailing someone who is intent on finding a witch, and ends up killing the tracker’s apprentice in the process. Her father ends up getting injured and somehow ends up at the house of his mentor.

The story in The Witches of Jericho is well written, and deep in detail, but it leaves the reader hanging at the end, which I suppose is Mr. Hammack’s intent, since this is a 6 part series. I would definitely recommend it for others to read, but make sure that you have as much of the series as is available (there are three books available as of this review) to read consecutively, so the cliff hanger at the end of the book is not as noticeable.

The second of the Edenwitch series, Voodoo Spells, continues the story of Sophia and her father, as they continue their quests. Trouble ensues when it is discovered that both Sophia and her friend are witches and they must flee the city, and end up trying together to find Sophia’s mother together, even if it means finding an evil witch who may end up trying to kill them both.

Meanwhile, the mentor and Sophia’s father, who has been nursed back to health, set off for the “end of the world”, a mythical place the mentor had located once before and had devoted most of his life trying to get back to.

As with the first book, Voodoo Spells ends abruptly with a cliffhanger, so I would definitely recommend picking up the entire series as has been written so it can flow continuously for you. I unfortunately at the time only had these two books (I recently picked up book three and will be starting it soon), but the writing is very well executed and can keep you entertained for several hours. It, along with book one, are both well worth the read.

Both books are available at Sam Hammack's Amazon page, and are well worth the 99 cents each.  

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