Monday, December 2, 2013

Propinquity and 2013 Nano

A while back, I volunteered to review a book entitled Propinquity by John McGregor. And being a procrastinator, I kept putting off doing the review for this awesome book. (And for that, John I completely apologize).
(Warning: Spoilers ahead)
Propinquity is a roller coaster ride that starts off slow. You are first introduced to the characters that will come and go in the book, led by Clive Lean, the man who signs his company away to a man who is a hobo just to avoid the bad mark of having a company go under on his watch. Then there is the liberationist, who is always willing to give his life just because that is the thing to do, and ends up going to Haiti to do just that. Finally there is the man that will end up as the member of Italian Guard.
As Clive leaves his company behind, he decides to go back to school, and meets a woman, who has some interest in Medieval history, specifically the wife of Richard the Lionhearted, Berengaria of Navarre. It is here that the story begins to pick up steam, as the plot begins to explain why Berengaria of Navarre is important. Allegedly, she had some secret writings that were against what the church was preaching and that was the reason she was killed.
So, Clive and the lady goes and starts looking for the queen. Well, they don’t have to look far, as the lady actually knows where the queen is buried since her dad is actually in charge of the church where she is buried, unbeknownst to him. So they break in one night and steal the body and find the writings which are also with the body, and begin to figure out a way to bring Berengaria back to life.
Wait? Bring her back to life? Yes, come to find out, Queen Berengaria was not actually killed, just put into a very deep sleep, and this is where the liberationist comes back into the story. Clive and his girlfriend travel to Haiti to visit a witch doctor who indirectly give him a cure for a sleeping spell. When the Clive and the girlfriend come back, they bring the Queen back and the back story is explained of how the sleeping happened.
Matters are tied up nicely, and the book does a great job of making you think about your beliefs. John has done a lot of research into Medieval culture and the church. The book is well worth your time, and is worth your money on in any media.
Overall rating 4.75 stars/ 5.00

On other topics, as most of you know that follow my blog, yes, all three of ya. I do Nanowrimo. For the uninitiated, that is National Novel Writing Month. It is during the month of November and it is where you work on trying to getting a semi-coherent piece of fiction together totaling at least fifty thousand words. This year was my seventh year doing Nano, and this year I decided to do something completely out of my normal wheelhouse of sci-fi or mysteries and do something completely different: a wrestling novel. And before you start going crazy on how I have lost my mind, I was not going to be using wrestlers from the World Wrestling Federation or Total Non Stop Action. No, all the wrestlers in my book were going to from the world of the internet. I had already spoken to most of them last year and made sure they had no problem with me doing it, and all I had to do was start writing. So, between November 1 and November 30, The Rise and Fall of Living Dead Wrestling was created, and 58,262 words later, it is about 2/3 to completion. I will be working on completing it this month, and hope to get it out and online for the populace to peruse early next year. More updates to come. . .

You can get a copy of Propinquity at John McGregor's amazon site, which the link is right here, and you can get either the hard copy or the Kindle version.

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