Monday, November 10, 2014

Fallen Review

For the third time this year, Ann Hunter has produced a masterpiece: this time in her twisted retelling of the “frog and the princess” in Fallen.
Fallen is the bow that wraps up the package that Ann started in The Subtle Beauty and wrapped ever so delicately with Moonlight. Fallen tells the tales of Sylas Mortas and Ros, the chicken who thinks she is more than that.
The tale opens with Sylas running off to avoid being subject to an arranged marriage. Along the way, he falls for a beautiful robber who takes him prisoner and demands that he return to the king for ransom. Reluctantly, Sylas agrees and goes back, dejected that he has lost “the love of his life.”
Once back at the castle, Sylas demands that he be given a chance to find “the love” instead of being forced into a live of loveless marriage, as he supposed that the arranged marriage would be. Reluctantly, the father agrees and gives him until the next holiday to find her or be forced into the marriage.
The holiday comes and there is no sign of the robber. Sylas resigns himself to the future, only to find out that the marriage was arranged to the robber, who was secretly a princess from another region. He happily looks forward to the wedding after finding out this revelation.
The first twist of the book happens when Sylas’ grandfather is faced by a witch. Without giving away too much, Sylas takes his grandfather’s place, and this is a twist that causes ripples thru the rest of the book, even leading to who dies.
After the witch takes Sylas he begins to learn magic, and this is the part of the book that ties in to the other two books of Ann’s writing, as she explains how things were from Sylas’ perspective.
I mentioned Ros, as the chicken who thought she is more than that. Her story is intermingled throughout the book, and she helps to keep Sylas human during much of his tutelage under the witch, and it makes for entertaining backstory. I have heard there is to be a separate story of Ros coming out, and I thoroughly look forward to its unveiling.
As is the case with all of Ann’s writing, this book sucks you in from the first page and you do not want to put it down. It is a story of morality and mortality, death and life, and how choices affect not just your life, but others around you. It is definitely worth your money to pick up this book and it would make another good bedtime story to read to your children. I heartily give this book five stars!!
You can find this book at Ann's Amazon page located here. After speaking with the author, she has advised me to tell she is having a mega sale Nov 28 - Dec 1, leading up to the release of A Piece of Sky (ROS's story),  Take a moment to check out her other books so you get a complete picture of her awesome body of work.

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