Monday, October 25, 2010

One week to go until NaNo!!!

I attended the unofficial kickoff meeting this past Saturday (dubbed the Pre-Nano Plottery) at the Golden Bough bookstore in Macon, along with my lovely wife, Michelle, and was greeted by around twenty Macon Mooselings (what the Macon chapter of NaNoWriMo calls their members).
During the meeting, we discussed our novels (well, the basic premise of the novels at least, as none of them have been written yet, but all of us have the characters running around in our brains just wanting to be let out!), as well as how long we had been with NaNo. As I listened to the other writers, I became more excited for this year's NaNo. As I mentioned in my last blog about NaNo, this year I am highly excited about my novel, for the plain and simple fact that I have an idea where I am going with my book, and despite the fact that I have NO outline and little to go on other than the main plot point (assassination of the President/Congress), I have never been more excited about writing. Not even when I first started writing my first novel, Valqis: The Search, which now sits in rewrite form unfinished due to plot holes that I have yet to patch up, due to not having enough silly putty and toothpaste to fill them. I want to make Operation Blackheart a novel that will have people talking when they read it. God willing, when I finish Blackheart, I will start revising both it and last year's NaNo novel, and submit them both to an agent for publishing. Now, if I can just find an agent. . .

Has this inspired you to want to write, or to see if you can put 50000 words on a page in a month? Then click on the title of this post and it will take you to the NaNoWriMo website, where you can sign up and begin your quest for greatness!

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